Monday, June 14, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Fire '99

Everyone got on stage to help out on Robbin' A Bank to end the show!

The song started out with instruments.. but the stage became too crowded..!

A little help from Tara

Battle Snakes On Fire '99

Aaron Battle

Matt L. Snakes and Jay from the Spitfires on High School

J Snay and Skinny Tim on Saskatchewan

Matt L. Snakes and Kyle on Wind Me Up

The Serpentine Sallies on Let Us Sing

Battle Snakes On Fire '99 Cassette Release Show
The Media Club May 1.10

HBB + Dead Voices

Dead Voices @ the Media Club May 1.10

Hot Blood Bombers @ the Media Club May 1.10

Those Guys From Last Night

Those Guys From Last Night @ the Media Club May 1.10


Hoover made us burgs!

I went on my first motorcycle ride!

My friend Hoover and I dropped by the shop to hang out with the boys! We had some good times!